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The Café Diet is a simple, flexible, yet effective diet plan for those trying to lose some weight and elude age related diseases.

If you love coffee, then this incredible weight loss diet could change your life! It transforms your life making everything better, from losing excess body fat, to getting fit and healthy. You will receive these benefits the moment you make a commitment to becoming a coffee diet advocate.

In this coffee diet, you will learn how to harness the power of the coffee bean to curb your appetite, improve your eating habits and achieve sustainable weight loss.

From walking you through the origins of coffee, to detailing the lost miracle healing benefits of coffee beans that are little - known today - this is the perfect diet for a coffee enthusiast that wants to learn how to use these beans for greatly improved health. Your diet is in your cup. This is the real coffee diet!

In this book you will discover:

Practical fat loss techniques using coffee

How to drink coffee for extended health and wellness (you're doing it wrong)

How to pair coffee with the right foods for fat loss

How to use coffee to enhance and accelerate your fitness plan

Using the four pillars in the cafe diet - caffeine, appetite, food and exercise - you will find out how much your favorite beverage can be an ally in the war against excess weight.

The Cafe Diet is very much like a good cup of coffee!

The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss by Béla Csepregi is available on Amazon in print and Kindle version.

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